We breed success at b3.

We help guide you through your fitness needs, and with a couple of decades experience, we are confident that b3 has what you need.

Imagine having the chance to get high-level personalized training at a fraction of the price it costs to have a trainer right in front of you at all times, and with b3 that is exactly what you will get!

We have been working with clients since 1994 and have been blessed with opportunities to train athletes of all major sports, amateur athletes, post-rehabilitation clients, weight management individuals, weekend warriors, gym rats, active aging adults, post-rehab clients, figure and bodybuilding competitors, general health and fitness clients, and everything in between.

Enjoy the benefits of having a seasoned pro with an advanced degree, diverse certifications, and years of experience provide you the personalized guidance for success - the b3 way!

b3 offers you EXACTLY what you want. We have several options to make fitness fun and effective for you!

“As a masters-level athlete myself, Don has helped me not only maintain my fitness but continue to make measurable progress in the realms of strength, conditioning, mobility, and nutrition. As his many certifications and recognitions attest, his expertise with kettlebells, barbells, and gymnastics-based body weight movements, have allowed us to continually find fun and challenging ways to achieve my desired results.”


  • Looking for more than just one workout?
  • Ready to commit and see results?

Select a tested and results-driven Specialized Personal Training Program that ranges from four to twelve weeks, and targets a common goal. Each program has the workouts, list of equipment needed, videos of the movements, and the ability to track your progress along the way.

  • b3 Weight Loss
  • b3 Mobility
  • b3 Strong
  • Kettlebell Fundamentals
  • Intermediate Kettlebells
  • Advanced Kettlebells
  • Kidz Conditioning
  • b3 Bodyweight Basics
  • b3 Bodyweight Building
  • b3 Bodyweight Explosion
  • Metabolic Makeover
  • Full Swing Golf Conditioning
“Quite simply, Don has changed my life. I think about exercise and food differently, but more consistently, than ever before. If not for Don, I would not feel as confident, comfortable, or strong as I do today.”
— Erin Vermilye

b3 Specialized Program Descriptions

B3 Weight Loss – Twelve week program - $179

Now is the time to get serious about taking off the fat and losing unwanted pounds! Through an effective blend of resistance and cardio training and proven nutrition guidance, this program is mapped for success.

b3 Strong – Twelve week program - $179

The primary objective with this specialized program is understanding how to train critical movements and effectively program your training for some serious strength gains.

Kettlebell Fundamentals – Six week program - $129

The kettlebell has been called a “gym with a handle” because of its versatility. In this six week program we will develop training around the essential kettlebell movements. The Get Up, deadlift, squat, overhead press, farmer's carry, and swing variations will all be implemented. Additional supplemental movements will also be used to enhance the primary movement patterns.

Intermediate Kettlebells – Six week program - $129

The second installment of kettlebell programming will be a continuation of the fundamentals and also branch out into more advanced lifts to continue to build an elite kettlebell body!

Advanced Kettlebells – Six week program - $129

This advanced six week program is geared for those with previous kettlebell experience. The introduction of advanced lifts and double kettlebell work is melted into conditioning work to get great results!

Kidz Conditioning – Six week program - $99

Getting kids to move should not be a challenge. Getting kids to be more aware of their bodies is where the challenge lies. In this six week program, we develop stability, mobility, core function, and baseline strength in three planes of movement geared towards the 7 year olds and up.

b3 Bodyweight Basics – Four week program - $99

In this four week program, the focus is on implementing correct bodyweight movements that will help create fit, strong, and lean and mean physiques.

b3 Bodyweight Building – Four week program - $99

This program is for the beginner/intermediate participant and will continue to expand on movements to increase strength, define the body, and impress the masses!

b3 Bodyweight Blast – Four week program - $99

This program is for the intermediate/advanced bodyweight participant and includes a blend of plyometrics, hybrid movements, and isometric holds to challenge anyone.

Metabolic Makeover – Twelve week program - $179

This twelve week makeover is geared on leaning out the body and significantly changing the way you look, feel, and move. This specialized program has a proven track record and is ready for you now!

full swing Golf Conditioning – Twelve week program - $199

Golf is a blend of balance, mobility, stability, strength, and power. This specialized program is geared towards systematic progressions in order to make the game easier physically by developing all of these attributes. Bring down that handicap score and increase your distance off the tee with this program!


Learn how to move better. The objectives of this mobility program are about 1) Increasing range of motion, 2) Increasing core temperature for activity, 3) Improving body awareness through concentrated movement patterns, and 4) Introducing the body to using small equipment in order to help clean up movement patterns.


Ready for a customized training program specifically for you?

Complete a short health and fitness history form, participate in a online or phone consultation, and b3 will build a custom program just for you! Customized Personal Training includes access to the ever-expanding movement video library. If you have questions, b3 will be accessible through facetime, skype, social media, text, and email. This is a monthly programming option.

Enjoy the tutelage of a qualified trainer's programming, customized to your specifications and geared towards your goal(s), at a fraction of the price.

  • Receive weekly customized programming and 1080i videos with descriptions to navigate your programming seamlessly!
  • Your programming will be on your very own webpage, including mobility work, resistance training, cardiovascular work, and intensity parameters for each step of the way
  • Have access to the b3 exercise library for each month you are enrolled in customized programming.
  • Receive a weekly newsletter to stay on top of all things b3 related. 

Throughout the year, you will be kept in the loop as b3 releases special promotions for personal training packages.

The cost for customized personal training is $199 per month.


This coaching package comprises everything from the Customized Personal Training AND Nutrition Coaching including weekly education, recipes, eating plans, and timing models for maximal benefits designed to meet your individual goals. This is a monthly programming option. Customized Nutrition Coaching includes:

  • Consulting with nutritionist or dietitian and custom program for your goals,
  • Accessing weekly recipes,
  • Exploring common diets,
  • Providing sensible and sustainable eating strategies,
  • Planning for meals,
  • Offering supplement education, and
  • Communicating with b3 via scheduled email/phone/text/webchat.

The cost is $349 per month.

How to get started:

1. Visit our Membership Questions page to learn what you can expect.

2. Join b3 Wellness today and have the opportunity to get your hands on some of the best programming, tips, video demos, and information in the industry.

3. Pick your training package (Grab-N-Go, Specialized Program, Customized PT, or Comprehensive Package).

4. Buy your program using our PCI-DSS secure platform, your card number is instantly tokenized.

5. Complete the health history form and schedule your 30 minute meeting with the b3 Team (Customized & Comprehensive clients only). You will receive an email after purchase that will include health history and also scheduling for b3 meeting.

6. Receive your individualized workout(s) and/or programming with access to the video library based on your health history, meeting, and purchase.

7. Contact the b3 team with questions along the way.