“I have trained with Don in a wide variety of ways, from a multiple day a week barbell, kettlebell and conditioning program to training to complement my competing in Olympic weightlifting to helping me get back in shape after a hysterectomy. I was impressed by his ability to adapt to each situation and get me to whatever goal I set out. Also, his humor and knowledge about exercise and life in general are incomparable.”
— April Roach
“I’ve spent much of my life trying to figure out how to eat healthier, move better and grow stronger, both as an athlete and coach. The process would have been much easier if I had had Don Bahneman’s guidance throughout. He is easily one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the field of fitness and wellness that I’ve encountered. As a coach at TC Williams HS in Alexandria, Virginia, and in charge of multiple local area AAU basketball teams, I have worked with Don closely on developing training models to increase my player’s speed, agility and flexibility. As a masters-level athlete myself, Don has helped me not only maintain my fitness but continue to make measurable progress in the realms of strength, conditioning, mobility and nutrition. As his many certifications and recognitions attest, his expertise with kettlebells, barbells, and gymnastics-based body weight movements, have allowed us to continually find fun and challenging ways to achieve my desired results. So satisfied, I have enthusiastically referred numerous friends and family members to Don over the last two years. Whether preparing for a triathlon; wanting to learn Olympic-style weightlifting; gain exposure to increasingly popular cross-fit style/functional fitness movements; seeking to dial in your nutrition; or merely wanting to look and feel better, I strongly recommend you seek out Don Bahneman to help you reach your goals.“
— Alex Isaacson
“Quite simply, Don has changed my life. I think about exercise and food differently, but more consistently, than ever before. If not for Don, I would not feel as confident, comfortable, or strong as I do today.”
— Erin Vermilye
“I started working with Don after a shoulder injury last year, and it was one of the best decisions I made and absolutely worth the investment. Not only have I completely recovered from my injury but Don’s training has really helped me take my fitness to the next level. He does such a great job of working with his clients to tailor programs to their needs and always keeps it fresh. As a working mother of three finding time to go to the gym isn’t always easy and Don makes sure my program is designed to make the most out of my time while I am there so I can get in and out and on with my day.”
— Alissa Patrick Oram
“Don was instrumental in four of us from Polo Club going to the RKC and passing the test with ease. He wrote our workouts for 6 months and video critiqued our sessions. I personally added 10 lbs of muscle and increased my press, squat and deadlifts. My shoulder ROM has improved greatly and my knee pain is gone. I would not have been as prepared for the RKC weekend if not for Don.”
— Todd Hart (via www.dragondoor.com)
“Don is best in breed – at the top of his game in all aspects of the spa, fitness, and aquatics. He’s as good as I have seen in my 35 years of dedicated training. Not just for me, but for all levels of fitness we have here at the Polo Club, including a membership whose ages run the gamut from their upper 30’s to more than 90 years old….Don looks the part, lives the part, is personable, visible, presents extremely well, builds long-term relationships, has a good sense of humor, and most important – genuinely cares about the members.”
— Doug Green, Senior Partner & Board Member at KPMG
“I am happy to capture my appreciation for how you have taken care of me in my transition back to full life and health. I’m sure I wasn’t the easiest of clients having suffered a sudden cardiac death 10 months ago. My physical therapist felt he had done as much as he could for me and suggested I return to the gym. We established a quick rapport and we have now spent 6 weeks together and I am better for it. Thank you.”
— Stan Gryskiewicz
“Over the years I’ve worked with several amazing trainers at The Energy Club. I started working with Don when I hit a motivational wall on a different training program and needed some help getting back into the gym. Don’s unique brand of high expectations for his clients combined with his serious knowledge and experience in the industry, as well as his zany personality, always lead to a fun and challenging workout. His workouts are challenging enough to leave you gasping on the floor crying uncle but he often provides several modification options that are easy enough to replicate on the days when you are working out on your own.”
— Jacqueline Clary
“After having served fourteen years in the U.S. Air Force, I have held several gym memberships and had numerous personal trainers that were unable to help me meet my fitness goals. Unfortunately, these trainers never took the time to understand my strengths and weaknesses and develop a training program to help me become a better athlete.

Don was the first trainer I have ever worked with that has diligently taken the time to help mold a program that has helped me gain flexibility, strength and confidence. I am no longer filled with anxiety when called to take a physical fitness test or go on a command run.

Additionally, Don seriously takes my personal goals into account and is eager to go to extreme lengths to ensure I have the confidence to complete them with success. His candidness, humor and willingness to put my fitness goals first will make me a lifelong client.”
— Major Jackylin C. Merolla, USAF
“I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle – lifting weights, cycling, running, and especially golf. But I began experiencing back issues for the last six years. I tried back doctors, pain management, physical therapy, and medication, but they only gave me temporary relief from my back issues. I finally decided to try personal training and signed on with Don Bahneman. Don started with an evaluation of my physical capabilities and my desired results. My goal was to get back to the activities I enjoyed and be pain-free. Don developed workouts that focused on the muscles used in my golf swing. Not long after training with Don my pain started to subside. I went from only being able to tolerate playing golf occasionally to playing multiple times a week. I’ve also been able to get back to running, cycling, and lifting weights. When I am not working out under Don’s guidance, I am following his workout routines tailored to my needs. Don is an extremely knowledgeable personal trainer, and I highly recommend him.”
— Scott Haines
“I have never been a “gym person” or that much into fitness over the course of my lifetime; and in my once new, focused commitment to fitness and nutrition, I was intimidated by working with a trainer. Overcoming those fears, I have now worked with Don Bahneman for years. Each year we set fitness goals, focused on my desires, and he lets me know if the goals are too audacious or simple and pushes and encourages me at every step of the way. Don answers my endless questions in increasing my knowledge and adding to my confidence in the gym - whether at my home gym or during my many travels. Don has incredible depth and understanding of numerous aspects of fitness, and if you have an injury or limitation, he pulls from his information base to offer alternative ways of accomplishing the same goals. You are never bored during a workout; from either the humor or the variety of activities. I can say that I would not be where I am in my fitness goals without working with Don. Spending time with Don has been a great pleasure.”
— Jill Abbott
“Over the past three months, I have had the privilege of working with Don to increase my athletic ability and improve my overall body composition. During this time, I redeveloped my squat, added more than 80 lbs on my deadlifts, corrected many of my postural deviations, and have gained a full arsenal of kettlebell exercises. I went from being in a lot of joint pain while I worked out to being entirely pain-free! My cardio is better. My flexibility is better. My muscular endurance is better. I have increased my body awareness ten fold. Most importantly, Don helped me build the confidence to pursue other areas of fitness that I truly believed were no longer accessible to me. I also packed on ~ 8lbs of lean mass and brought my body fat down from ~15% to ~10%. I now look, feel, and perform better than I have in years and I owe it all to personal diligence and Don’s educational and motivational approach towards fitness. In short, after only three short months I feel as if I have a whole new lease on life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Don! I could not have done this without you.”
— Mike Benzaken (via www.dragondoor.com)
“I have been training with Don since March 2015 at the Energy Club in Shirlington, VA. Don was my third trainer and I started training with him with very few goals in mind. In fact, I was a bit skeptical of his training style because I had really bonded with my two previous trainers and almost felt as though I was working with Don in order to close out my training package.

Don initiated our training relationship by assessing my current state and encouraging me to develop some personal goals of my own. I noticed Don’s wealth of knowledge about exercise, physiology, anatomy, and nutrition almost immediately and the manner in which Don was able to link scholastic information with the most basic exercises. In addition, Don exhibits a true mastery at providing his clients with exercises that can be replicated. He is always keeping an eye on clients outside of sessions to make sure that exercises are being replicated accurately and in the most impactful fashion. Don has actually approached me outside of our sessions to offer guidance and encouragement. Needless to say, I kept up with my sessions and have actually been working with Don for about 16 months. To date, I have lost all of the weight from my second pregnancy and have actually picked up new exercises such as deadlifting with barbells, ladder climbing, sprinting, and barbell squats. I also experienced much muscle soreness and Don was able to guide me through a series of stretches that I do after every workout that actually fixed the problem.

Don is the best trainer I have ever worked with. On a personal level, he is honest, has a great sense of humor, listens and really wants his clients to succeed. He can easily partner education and background information with various exercises and really teach his clients to take control of their own fitness. I am grateful to Don for giving me the tools and confidence to really make an impact on my personal health and well-being.”
— Meetal Desai
“I had the pleasure of being trained by Don for almost six months. He demonstrated over and over again what a professional he is. I performed exercises that I never thought I could do. But he handled everyone that way. He evaluates his clients and designs a program for that individual’s needs.”
— Judy Yorra
“Don was masterful in his approach to working with my limitations. Because of his extensive knowledge, astute guidance, engaging personality, and unending patience, I was inspired to work harder than I ever have.”
— Nancy Katz