Nutrition Coaching for many people is the “missing link” to achieving success with their fitness and health goals. Nutrition Coaching can:

  • Keep you accountable
  • Help develop healthy eating patterns
  • Maximize your metabolism
  • Keep you efficiently fueled for success
  • Educate you on best practices to maximize your results

b3 offers you EXACTLY what you want. We have several options to provide sound nutrition guidance to get you on track immediately!

“I have been struggling for quite some time with proper eating habits - specifically, when to eat, how much to eat, and what to eat. Katie took the time to educate me on proper eating, and helped me better understand the connection of eating properly/enough (which was my biggest issue) to maximum my workouts.”

How to get started:

1. Visit our Membership Questions page to learn what you can expect.

2. Join b3 Wellness today and have the opportunity to get your hands on some of the best programming, tips, video demos, and information in the industry.

3. Pick your training package (Grab-N-Go, Specialized Program, Customized PT, or Comprehensive Package).

4. Buy your program using our PCI-DSS secure platform, your card number is instantly tokenized.

5. Complete the health history form and schedule your 30 minute meeting with the b3 Team (Customized & Comprehensive clients only). You will receive an email after purchase that will include health history and also scheduling for b3 meeting.

6. Receive your individualized workout(s) and/or programming with access to the video library based on your health history, meeting, and purchase.

7. Contact the b3 team with questions along the way.

Specialized Nutrition Programs

Would you like to see a different version of you in the mirror? Nutrition coaching provides some tips, insight, and education to help guide you onto the path for success. We offer several programs geared for some of the more common concerns with nutrition. Some programs explore diet strategies, while others target sustainable nutrition. There is something for everyone at b3.

  • Paleo basics
  • Weight management
  • Macronutrients & micronutrients
  • Compliment with supplements
  • Organically speaking
  • Eating on a budget
  • Shed and Shred
  • And more

Paleo Living - $79 Paleo eating has become a very popular way of approaching nutrition in a certain sect of fitness these days. In this program we grasp a better understanding of what it entails, how to replicate this in today’s world, and you can leave the loin cloth and fig leaf wardrobe in the closet.

Weight Management - $129 Did you know that 85% of people join a gym with the intention of losing weight? Understanding the tightrope of calorie restriction without causing starvation is a critical piece, but that is just the beginning. In this program, we will explore finding how many calories you really need for success in achieving your goals. Not looking to lose? We have you covered as well with maintenance and gainer protocols.

Macros & Micros - $79 This is not about Mac N’ Cheese or Microscopes….We are talking about foundational nutrition and a better understanding of macronutrients and micronutrients. In this program we will identify the importance of balanced eating, understanding where to get all those nutrients, and ways to successfully stay the course.

Compliment with Supplements - $49 Getting your nutrients in naturally would be the preferred method, but time, work schedule, and many other obstacles can make that seem impossible. This program talks about many of the most common supplements in the market, their claimed benefits, and how they may fit into your daily nutrition plans.

Organically Speaking - $79 Eating organic is becoming more and more prevalent. The importance of knowing what is going into your body is critical. This program discusses the importance, benefits, and strategies to implement an organic lifestyle into your way of life.

Eating on a Budget - $10 This program explores the ever growing financial burden of eating healthy. Eating on a budget is very common and instead of sacrificing nutrient quality for empty calories is crucial to a healthy life. Shopping lists, recipes, and shopping strategies are given in this program.

This provides an all-access pass to b3 nutrition coaching.

After completing a brief health and fitness history form, nutrition profile, and needs analysis, one of our dietitians will consult with you to identify your desires and resources. b3 takes all the variables and builds a custom program for you! Options include:

  • Access to weekly recipes
  • Exploration into common diets
  • Sensible and sustainable eating strategies
  • Meal planning
  • Supplement education
  • Ability to communicate with b3 via scheduled email/phone/text/webchat
  • Special promotions that b3 will offer throughout the year
  • And more

Comprehensive Personal Training & Nutrition*

Everything included in Customized Nutrition Coaching AND full access to our Customized Personal Training services, all for a discounted price. Customized Personal Training includes:

  • Working with a qualified trainer's programming, customized to your specifications and geared towards your goal(s),
  • Receiving weekly customized programming and 1080i videos with descriptions to navigate your programming seamlessly,
  • Having access to the b3 exercise library for each month you are enrolled in customized programming, and
  • Receiving a weekly newsletter to stay on top of all things b3 related!

The cost is $349 per month for world-class training and nutrition coaching. Commit today and let b3 guide you to a happier and healthier transformation!

*Meal recommendations, nutrition coaching, and education will be provided under the guidance of a Registered Dietitian, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Coach, and/or a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Dietary prescriptions will be delivered under the guidance of a Registered Dietitian.