We breed success at b3.

Imagine having the chance to get customized, virtual fitness programming - no canned videos from us - at a fraction of the price it costs to have a trainer right in front of you at all times, and with b3 that is exactly what you will get!

Meet Don Bahneman, founder and lead trainer for b3 Wellness. He has worked in the health and fitness industry since 1994, always taking an individualized approach for each client. He has walked the walk and has had opportunities to train athletes of all major sports, amateur athletes, post-rehabilitiation clients, weight management individuals, weekend warriors, gym rats, active aging adults, figure and body building competitors, general health and fitness clients, and everything in between. 

b3 offers you EXACTLY what you want. We have several options to make fitness fun and effective for you!

“As a masters-level athlete myself, Don has helped me not only maintain my fitness but continue to make measurable progress in the realms of strength, conditioning, mobility, and nutrition. As his many certifications and recognitions attest, his expertise with kettlebells, barbells, and gymnastics-based body weight movements, have allowed us to continually find fun and challenging ways to achieve my desired results.”

Looking for more than just one workout?

Ready to commit and see results?

Here's what it looks like:

  • Have weekly check-ins with your virtual trainer.
  • Obtain weekly, customized programming and 1080i videos with descriptions to navigate your programming seamlessly! Each workout has been designed for you and lists the equipment needed, provides videos of the movements, and offers the ability to track your progress along the way.
  • Get your programming on your very own webpage, including mobility work, resistance training, cardiovascular work, and intensity parameters for each step of the way. Each workout is designed to support YOUR goals.
  • Receive a weekly newsletter to stay on top of all things b3 related.
  • Pay only $99/month with a 5% discount after 6 months.
“Quite simply, Don has changed my life. I think about exercise and food differently, but more consistently, than ever before. If not for Don, I would not feel as confident, comfortable, or strong as I do today.”
— Erin Vermilye

b3 v.i.p fitness and nutrition programming

This opportunity combines the Customized Fitness Programming AND Nutrition Coaching including weekly education, recipes, eating plans, and timing models for maximal benefits designed to meet your individual goals. This is a monthly programming option. Nutrition Coaching includes:

  • Consulting with nutritionist or dietitian and custom program for your goals,
  • Accessing weekly recipes,
  • Exploring common diets,
  • Providing sensible and sustainable eating strategies,
  • Planning for meals,
  • Offering supplement education, and
  • Communicating with b3 via scheduled email/phone/text/webchat.

The cost for both the Fitness and Nutrition Coaching is $159 per month.

How to get started:

1. Visit our Membership Questions page or Contact the b3 Team if you have questions.

2. Purchase the Customized Fitness Programming or V.I.P Customized Fitness Programming AND Nutrition Coaching using our secure platform.

3. Complete the health history form and schedule your 30 minute meeting with the b3 Team. You will receive an email after purchase that will include health history and also scheduling for b3 meeting.

4. Receive your customized workout(s) with access to the video library based on your health history, meeting, and purchase.