b3 Wellness Membership Questions

1. What is a b3 Wellness Membership?

The b3 Wellness Membership is the first step to access to the b3 experience. Be Fit. Be Fueled. Be full of life. 


2) How do I create a b3 Wellness Membership?

Create a b3 Wellness Membership by selecting your desired b3 fitness programming, b3 nutrition programming, b3 wellness programming or click on the Become a Member link. Complete the form that follows with desired payment method and you are in!

3) What is the cost to be a b3 Wellness Member?

Becoming a member of b3 Wellness is 100% FREE.

4) What are the benefits of becoming a b3 Wellness Member?

Benefits of being a  member include:

  • Ability to purchase fitness, nutrition, and wellness services from b3.
  • Access to the Exercise Catalog that houses hundreds of exercise videos with closed captioned instructions to help execute movements with precision.
  • Promotional codes that will grant you special discounts to the b3 library of services throughout the year.
  • Access to our newsletter.

5) What happens after I subscribe?

Membership is easy and automated. You will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to b3 Wellness.  

6) How does b3 Wellness billing work?

Your b3 Wellness billing is managed and encrypted by Stripe. You will receive an email invoice from Stripe on behalf of b3 Wellness, LLC. If Stripe is unable to process your card you will receive an email prompting you for corrections. Stripe will attempt to charge you again in 24 hours, if unsuccessful on the third try, your subscription will be "unpaid" and a new card will be required. We simply require 24 hours for account changes to avoid any unnecessary confusion. b3 services are not distributed until payment is confirmed.

7) Will I receive b3 Wellness email?

Your b3 Wellness Membership email may be used to contact you. This is how we will keep you apprised of changes we make to protocol, content, or orders. We want you in the know but don’t ever want you to feel spammed. (Don and Katie  don’t have time to spam you anyway!) Customized and VIP Clients will receive direct emails. Please add don@bbbwellness.com and katie@bbbwellness.com to your contacts to make this possible.


8) How do I cancel my b3 Wellness Membership?

Cancel by logging into your subscription and pressing "CANCEL" next to your subscription choice. If you don't have login information simply email don@bbbwellness.com with the specific subscription you wish to cancel.