Not-So-Gross Anatomy: Triceps

NSG Anatomy has been navigating loosely through the major muscle groups with some knowledge, some humor, a few puns, and hopefully some exercise ideas to trigger some body changes. This week on the road trip across the body, we stop at the trcieps.


If this was a tour guided situation, one might here the following about the Triceps Brachii:

-Fun fact # 1 - there are three heads to the triceps brachii - the long head, the medial head, and the lateral head.

-Fun fact #2 - The English root "Tri" comes from both Latin & Greek and means three

-Fun fact # 3 - The triceps makes up approximately 60% of the mass of the upper arm


-Fun fact #4 - The long head of the tricep is the only head of the triceps that crosses both the shoulder and the elbow joint. It originates along the infraglenoid tubercle of the scapulae.

-Fun fact #5 - You did not think you would see the word infraglenoid typed today?

Please pay attention as we are headed towards serious gains in the arms today!

Please pay attention as we are headed towards serious gains in the arms today!

-Fun fact #6 - The medial head of the tricep originates on the humerus just below the radial groove.

-Fun fact #7 - The lateral head of the tricep originates just above the radial groove.

-Fun fact #8 - The radial groove is not that groovy. It prefers alternative rock with strong guitar riffs to help navigate through challenging workouts.

-Fun fact #9 - All three heads converge on the olecranon process, AKA the elbow, for an insertion point.

-Fun fact #10 - The medial and lateral heads extend the elbow only.

-Fun fact #11 - The long head of the tricep extends the elbow as well but also extends, adducts, and horizontally abducts the shoulder as well.

-Fun fact #12 - Training the triceps exclusively may not be completely necessary as you utilize the triceps with any push pattern (and some pulling ones as well).

-Fun fact #13 - If you suffer from triskaidekaphobia, you are likely skipping this one.

Well defined triceps can help shape the arms, make the shoulders look more pronounced, and will aid with many of your pressing lifts. For many females the triceps are a touchy topic as the "underarm jiggle" comes into play. No need to fret - as an effective training program and sound eating plan will help get you closer to the arms you desire.

Today's mobility and training movements are a blend of isolation and integration.

Mobility for the triceps:


Strength Movements....There are many more than shown here, but again most pressing moves will stimulate tricep development.

DISCLAIMER - I am a fan of bodyweight and loaded dips. I do not hand these off to all my clients as they must clear any issues with the shoulders before I go this route. 

Next week - lower legs and feet. ( I know....CAN't Wait)

Until then - be fit, be fueled, be full of life!



Photos again have been shot at The Energy Club in Arlington, VA and a must see on your next trip to the DC area.