New Years Resolutions


Can you believe we are already 11 days in to the new year!  Have you made any resolution(s) yet?  If so, how's it working out for you?

If not, well you have come to the right place!


Now hopefully you are one of those individuals that establishes goals/resolutions throughout the entire year, and not just at New Years.  But, the start of a new year is an incredible time to re-focus your energy and determine how you can improve your life.  Whether you are making your first step towards change or you are in the final chapter, I strongly believe that everyone should make resolutions.

My typical goal with resolutions is to have at least one from three different categories... professional/educational, personal, and health.  We will be focusing primarily on the health portion as that is our specialty but I do want to touch on the others as they are so important and can tie everything in together!


Whether you have a full time job, work from home, work part time, or are a stay at home parent; you can always make professional goals!  These are ways to stay educated about our society, economy, various professions, and much more.  Never stop learning!!  Some ideas are:
- A new certification
- A job promotion
- Start a side job/project
- Learn a new skill
- Read one research study a month


This may be my favorite resolution category because it really forces you to become more in tune with the needs of your community and yourself.  Maybe you need to be better at putting your own needs first every once in a while or maybe you want to focus your energy on improving your local community.  Some ideas are:
- Volunteer at least once a month
- Read at least one hour a week
- Have one hour of "me time" each week
- Help out a friend in need
- Gain at least one new friend
- (If you have a significant other) Have one date night a week, just the two of you



I want to lose 30 pounds this year!
I want to build a 6-pack by summer!
I want to gain 40 pounds of pure muscle!

These tend to be some of the resolutions I see when it comes to health... well, maybe slightly exaggerated but you get the gist!  While these can be incredible long-term goals; unless you have specific small steps to take, they will probably feel overwhelming which then leads to failure.  Instead, focus on specific changes that can lead to these end goals.  

No matter what your health-based goal is, BOTH nutrition and exercise are going to be necessary.  For that reason, I recommend having at least one specific resolution in each category.  Some examples are listed below.  

Nutrition - related ideas:
- Drink at least 3 bottles of water per day
- Limit sugary treats to once per week
- Add an extra veggie with each meal
- Replace chips/cookies/fruit snacks with healthier snacks (nuts, fruit, hummus/vegs)
- Consume more protein from lean sources (fish, nuts, quinoa, beans, chicken, green veggies, etc.)
- Limit alcohol to no more than once per week
- Never start work without consuming breakfast


Fitness - related ideas:
- Exercise at least three times each week
- Learn a new lift (squat, deadlift, bench press, pull ups, etc)
- Increase your max push ups by two each month
- Have at least one cardio session each week
- Add five pounds to your normal or max squat each month
- Make a gym friend to help keep you accountable

Another thing to keep in mind is you can adjust your resolution each month.  Say for the month of January your goal is related to water consumption.  Well, once that has been established as a habit, feel free to add something else for February!  This truly should be a long-term plan if you want to be successful.  Having specific steps for each month of the year is a sure way to keep yourself accountable and continue improving.


I could go on and on about the benefits of (year-round) resolutions, but now I want to hear from you!  What are some things on your list for 2018?  How are you making steps to improve your life?

I hope this helped provide some clarity/specification to your new year resolution.  Good luck and please reach out if you need any help developing an exercise or nutrition plan, Don and I would be more than happy to help!

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