Bells, Bites, and Balance

Welcome to b3 Wellness’s blog. Each week we will share with you different topics on how to maximize fitness, food, and life. You will learn more about our team, how we work with our community and how their paths have made this not only their passion and profession – but their calling. The b3 way.

(The what way?!?)

b3 (be three) is a multi-prong meaning to our business. Initially, it was named after my son, B. B. Bahneman, but ultimately b3 is about our credo – Be fit. Be fueled. Be full of life. Our credo represents the three facets of our company.

Our personal training (Be Fit).

Our registered dietitian-lead nutrition coaching (Be Fueled).

Our corporate wellness coaching and advocacy (Be full of life).

Our mission is to become the recognized leader in online fitness, nutrition and wellness needs - and stay there through diligence, persistence and integrity. We provide practical ways to allow each client to realize their fullest potential through fitness, nutrition and wellness services.

We understand that your time, money, and health are valuable. Who doesn’t have a crazy schedule nowadays? But if you are able to fit in some time to train, an online trainer is a great solution, especially one with 30-plus years of experience and multiple certifications. At b3 we can build a customized wellness and training program around your variables (equipment, health history, goals, days to train, minutes per workout, etc.). Intensity parameters (sets, reps, tempo, rest intervals, load) and accompanied videos with closed captioning are available for more technique help.

All of this at your fingertips.

Whenever you want.

At an economical price point.

Perhaps you already train well, but just cannot seem to get the nutrition dialed in? Many “fitness pros” offer eating plans, recommendations, and suggestions on supplements. Legally, the only professions allowed to design and tweak a nutrition plan for you is an M.D. or a Registered Dietitian. We are one of the few wellness programs that offers online nutrition coaching from a Registered Dietician. So you are only a few clicks away from having an RD design an eating plan to reach your goals.

Perhaps you are looking for a “whole life makeover?” Or maybe just a fine tuning, if you will? Or your business is looking for some help in being a healthy workplace? Many wellness plans offer a boxed program that is turns out to be a minimal method of improving the workplace. At b3, we customize our wellness plans to your needs to deliver an out-of-the-box experience of improved wellness education, awareness, and adherence to make a happier and healthier workplace.

The “Team” at b3 is comprised of two virtual “hands-on” professionals. But as we all know, it takes a village….and b3 has several behind the scenes folks that help support the business. Social media management, Quality Assurance, Vendor partnership, an investor or two, family and friends help keep b3 safe and sane.

Katie Henry is a registered dietitian and a kick ass personal trainer. She develops logical, engaging, and replicable eating plans for all walks of life. She is an up and coming star in the making and b3 is excited to have her services at your disposal!

Don Bahneman, the founder of b3 Wellness, LLC and has been a bartender of fitness since 1994, coaching, training, teaching, presenting, managing, and working hard to live healthier each day. This beautiful grind is a passion and career path that I am proud to be a part of.

For a better scope of our team and all things b3, please follow our social media outlets as we launch soon with a full slate of offerings from quick Grab-N-Go workouts, specialized programming for fitness or nutrition, customized clients, VIP clients, and health and wellness coaching.  Visit, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Here’s to a healthy environment where we educate, motivate, and stimulate your overall wellness.

Until next time.....