Ropes + Sled + 94 Degrees = Sweaty Good Conditioning

Enjoying a workout periodically versus staying on a program has some benefits. Now, 90% of the time, I build programming for clients to stick with. Occasionally though, it is emotionally helpful to break the monotony. Since most of us are not going to the Olympics and/or get a paycheck for our fitness prowess - some fun is requisite in my honest opinion.

So, I decided to pull out the sled, the battling ropes, and some weight and see what I could do for a conditioning day. Oh yeah, and it was the hottest day of the year so far...never said I was the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Today what we have is a sled from the folks at Titan Sports, an iPad mini from the Apple gurus, and 330lbs of pure delight from Rep Fitness. Total weight today is 400lbs. PLEASE NOTE the highly technical approach to securing my iPad of wedging it between a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell and the sled (can you say MacGuyver?)

Today what we have is a sled from the folks at Titan Sports, an iPad mini from the Apple gurus, and 330lbs of pure delight from Rep Fitness. Total weight today is 400lbs. PLEASE NOTE the highly technical approach to securing my iPad of wedging it between a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell and the sled (can you say MacGuyver?)

I thought for  a second and decided to shoot the session and break it down into videos for you to add to your personal torture, um, training regiment. Here at b3 wellness, we are here to develop programming that fits your life. So enjoy the workout and the commentary along the way.

The runway is approximately 120 feet of turf rolled out for the sled work. The driveway makes for a great spot for this as I am at the end of a road.


After warming up and getting the turf rolled out and loading the sled, we began the fun with Alternating Waves.


Moving on to Simultaneous far, so good.


Single-Arm Slams sound delightful!


Temper Tantrums....fitting (aka Two Arm Slams)


Like a good mix tape, sometimes you need to slow things down a bit (if you have no idea what I am talking about, ask your parents) Side to Side patterns


Kneeling Alternating Waves had some hamstring delight waiting for me. Getting balance to a rep or two but a great alternative.


Kneeling Simultaneous Waves....because I really do not like my hamstrings and this is certainly very different than the deadlifting and squatting they usually get stimulus from. (sarcasm being laid down pretty thick here)


Seated Alternating Waves - you realize just how much the lower body works on the ropes


Seated Simultaneous Waves - see round eight


Back Lunges with Alternating Waves was a good challenge on coordination and a change of pace to add the asymmetry


Lateral Lunges with Alternating Waves - I LOVED THESE! The frontal plane does not get enough love in most programming and again the asymmetry movements are always appreciated with activity!


Jumping Jacks - besides the timing aspect of weighted arms trying to keep pace with regular leg movement reminding me of just how much of a dancer I AM NOT - they were a great primer for what followed....


Double Slams paired with Burpees. Sweet Baby Ray! Que lastima! What was I thinking?! More choreography?!?! It was a great combo but most certainly takes the mind-body connection and challenges it thoroughly.


Over the Top - A great move that provides asymmetry between the legs as you pivot weight and a fantastic core activator! Now is a good time to state just how nice it feels to blow off aggression with ropes!


Plank hold with right hand slam - never disappoints me on a good core burn stabilizing this move!


Plank hold with left hand slam - see #15


Walk it In Waves - This is almost as awkward to watch as it is to do. Keep that rope moving and scurry back and forth like a dancing fool! Harder than it looks.


Circles In - oh hello there, rear deltoids. It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance.



Circles Out - The ropes get twisted a bit doing this move. But just as Al Pacino said in A Scent of a Woman, "If you get tangled up, you tango on."


Double Arm Slam with Sled Row - Now that the arms are feeling a bit shaky, let's put some good 'ol loaded pulls into it. I really liked these and will be incorporating this into future programming. It is tug-o-war on steroids (technical description)


Overhead Walk - this is the hardest move of the day for me. It calls for significant mechanical disadvantage paired up with significant stability requirements. Challenging to say the least


Now that I am 120' away from the garage that is also sitting at an incline, I need to bring it all back. This was a nice finish to the round. We lost a 10lb dumbbell on the journey up but dragged it with because we leave no weights behind!

There was the end of the first round.

Repeat for five more rounds......


With HIIT work, remember if you are a novice at this work to rest ratio should be around 1:4, regulars to this type of training should be 1:2, advanced HIIT folks should be at 1:1 or even 1.5:1 ratios.

For customized programming or other specialized work (fitness and nutrition), check out the site and get started today!


Be fit. be fueled. Be full of life.






I Love My Ugly Bracelet

I Love My Ugly Bracelet

If it has not happened to you before, you will have likely seen it on TV, read it in a book, or heard about a similar situation. Think back to that one time when a special somebody got a gift for you. When you opened said gift, and it was (let’s be polite)…umm…not your style. It was Christmas 2015 when I had this very experience with my fiancée.

After my son had shredded through the presents with his name on it, we took turns opening gifts. I came to a smaller box from Megan (fiancée). I open it up and there it is - a black rubber band, a medical bracelet. You see, a few weeks earlier I had something come up that put a few things into perspective – at 41 years old, I had a heart attack.

A few days after my 41st birthday, I bring my son to the gym and get in a Sunday workout. After the workout, I feel like I am bonking (a highly technical term meaning I feel like a low blood sugar after a workout), and I have a slight discomfort in my right pectoral near my underarm. After drinking something and waiting several minutes, I head back home. I put my son down for a nap, head to the living room, and fall asleep in the chair. When I woke up, the pain subsided, and I simply went about my day.

Fast forward one week later, Megan and I return from a trip to West Virginia and head to the gym for a workout. There was yet another bonking session near the end of the workout. Pain and pressure in the right armpit area. No shortness of breath. No nausea. Normal heart rate. Normal blood pressure. However, as bedtime neared I could not get comfortable, so I went to the living room and started watching a movie. Then another. And another. And then watched sports.  My dumb ass sat with the pain in my chest for nearly twelve hours before I went to the ER! 

I had no prior cardiac problems. No family history of cardiovascular disease. I exercise regularly, eat very well, and had found some peace in my life. I have been active in the fitness world as a career fitness professional (owner/director/trainer/author/presenter/educator), yet here I was staring at a nurse and emergency room physician blankly when they read an enzyme test informing me that I had “at least one heart attack” recently. Inside of 45 minutes, I am on the operating room table.

A full occlusion of the RCA (Right Coronary Artery) was what brought me in. The tests exposed the heart attack. I was just given a big ol’ serving of mortality, and as the doctors so eloquently put it, “if you did not exercise and eat healthy, you may not be here right now. We may be having this discussion with Megan instead of you.” Sobering words to say the least.

The cardiologists also noticed another area in my cardiovascular system that may need attention at some point but felt comfortable discharging me. Four months later, I am back in surgery and have two more arteries cleared. Three stents, two surgeries, one heart attack and a whole new approach to things (the new version of the 12 Days of Christmas carol?).

The new approach for somebody that is always stressing about things is to give just a little less worry to things. To let some things go. Holding on to hostility, frustration, and disrespect from others, and myself needs to stop. Focus on the core values of my existence and make that the centerpiece. My son. Megan. My relationship with my faith. My health. My family and friends. My sanity. My work.

It is now over a year since my last procedure, and I am so very fortunate to have the support system that keeps me alive – And this medical bracelet is what helps ground me. It says items routinely like:

“Hey, asshole. No need to deadlift 600lbs. 545lb was plenty.”

“Your kid would like to be able to ask you for money for a loooong time.“

“No reason to compete with anyone except yourself.”

“Everyone has a path. Yours is supposed to be this. Own it.”

The bracelet keeps me humble. The bracelet keeps me on an even keel. The bracelet drives me to be better daily in different ways. Smarter. Kinder. More forgiving. But at the same time, the bracelet teaches me to work for what I want, do things right, and be around for what I value most for the long haul! This is what I bring to my loved ones, my clients, my team – and I plan on doing it for quite a while!

I love my ugly bracelet.

The bottom line has the most important content


Bells, Bites, and Balance

Welcome to b3 Wellness’s blog. Each week we will share with you different topics on how to maximize fitness, food, and life. You will learn more about our team, how we work with our community and how their paths have made this not only their passion and profession – but their calling. The b3 way.

(The what way?!?)

b3 (be three) is a multi-prong meaning to our business. Initially, it was named after my son, B. B. Bahneman, but ultimately b3 is about our credo – Be fit. Be fueled. Be full of life. Our credo represents the three facets of our company.

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We understand that your time, money, and health are valuable. Who doesn’t have a crazy schedule nowadays? But if you are able to fit in some time to train, an online trainer is a great solution, especially one with 30-plus years of experience and multiple certifications. At b3 we can build a customized wellness and training program around your variables (equipment, health history, goals, days to train, minutes per workout, etc.). Intensity parameters (sets, reps, tempo, rest intervals, load) and accompanied videos with closed captioning are available for more technique help.

All of this at your fingertips.

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Perhaps you already train well, but just cannot seem to get the nutrition dialed in? Many “fitness pros” offer eating plans, recommendations, and suggestions on supplements. Legally, the only professions allowed to design and tweak a nutrition plan for you is an M.D. or a Registered Dietitian. We are one of the few wellness programs that offers online nutrition coaching from a Registered Dietician. So you are only a few clicks away from having an RD design an eating plan to reach your goals.

Perhaps you are looking for a “whole life makeover?” Or maybe just a fine tuning, if you will? Or your business is looking for some help in being a healthy workplace? Many wellness plans offer a boxed program that is turns out to be a minimal method of improving the workplace. At b3, we customize our wellness plans to your needs to deliver an out-of-the-box experience of improved wellness education, awareness, and adherence to make a happier and healthier workplace.

The “Team” at b3 is comprised of two virtual “hands-on” professionals. But as we all know, it takes a village….and b3 has several behind the scenes folks that help support the business. Social media management, Quality Assurance, Vendor partnership, an investor or two, family and friends help keep b3 safe and sane.

Katie Henry is a registered dietitian and a kick ass personal trainer. She develops logical, engaging, and replicable eating plans for all walks of life. She is an up and coming star in the making and b3 is excited to have her services at your disposal!

Don Bahneman, the founder of b3 Wellness, LLC and has been a bartender of fitness since 1994, coaching, training, teaching, presenting, managing, and working hard to live healthier each day. This beautiful grind is a passion and career path that I am proud to be a part of.

For a better scope of our team and all things b3, please follow our social media outlets as we launch soon with a full slate of offerings from quick Grab-N-Go workouts, specialized programming for fitness or nutrition, customized clients, VIP clients, and health and wellness coaching.  Visit, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Here’s to a healthy environment where we educate, motivate, and stimulate your overall wellness.

Until next time.....

Thankful and honored to be able to write a piece in The Police Chief, November 2016 edition. The International Association of Chiefs of Police have a strong network dedicated to helping the community. And I am thankful to contribute to their education this month!

Thankful and honored to be able to write a piece in The Police Chief, November 2016 edition. The International Association of Chiefs of Police have a strong network dedicated to helping the community. And I am thankful to contribute to their education this month!